Cephus E. Simmons, Sr. – Inventor

Mr. Siinventormmons is the founder, CEO of SealCath and the inventor of the Cephus catheter. He is married with four children, three daughters and a son.  His medical career has spanned from a hospital corpsman in the US Navy in 1986 to a Radiologist Assistant presently employed at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).  Throughout his medical career, he displayed passion when providing for the sick.

After becoming a Registered Radiologist Assistant (RRA) in 2007, He has served as a faculty member at the MUSC within the Department of Radiology. During this time, he has been provided the opportunity to contribute to the operations of Adult and Pediatric Diagnostic Radiology.  Mr. Simmons encompass his practice around the single most important objective, providing optimal patient care.  By wanting to provide appropriate care for his patients, he has developed three protocols, which have positively influenced the way our department provides patient care. First, he developed a protocol for changing gastrojejunostomy (GJ) feeding tubes, which are required for some patients to sustain life. This protocol has improved the care of the patient and the lifestyle of their families.  This protocol supports preventive medicine, thus allowing patients to schedule an appointment to exchange their tube­‐feeding catheter.  As a result of developing this protocol, it has eliminated the need for the patient to return to the Emergency Room (ER) when the catheter is dysfunctional. Second, Mr. Simmons developed a protocol for Pediatric Musculoskeletal (MSK) procedures.  All adult and pediatric patients were scheduled within one service, adult MSK.  With the development of the Pediatric MSK procedure service, it has allowed patients to schedule with pediatric radiology directly.  Additionally, the Pediatric MSK protocol has allowed patients almost immediate access to medical care, while at the same time increasing the radiology residents with an additional procedure rotation.

Third, Mr. Simmons co­‐developed an adult ultrasound (US) guided procedure program at Ashley River Tower (ART) Hospital (part of MUSC). This program is designed for patients requiring thoracentesis, paracentesis, needle aspiration, drainage catheter placement, and various other ultrasound‐guided procedures.  It promotes excellent interdepartmental communication, which allows patient access to timely appointments that in turn improve patient care and customer service. Also during my time serving as RRA, I have been instrumental in supporting the clinical operation of Radiology. He assist or perform all fluoroscopic procedures with supervision, manage the fluoroscopic schedule, and engage in time‐consuming tasks, which allow the radiologist more time to focus on computerized topography, magnetic resonance imaging, US, and providing education to radiology residents.  Additionally, he advises all radiologic technologists on the protocol for fluoroscopic procedures.  Mr. Simmons also instruct radiology residents and medical school students with the operation of fluoroscopic equipment and procedural protocols and review radiologic procedures with medical students and identification of procedure indications.

 In addition to those duties, he always wants to improve the procedures he performs.  This lead him to his invention of the double balloon catheter.  The double balloon catheter will improve healthcare for patients of all ages.

SealCath Structure

SealCath is managed by the Founder & CEO.  SealCath’s business structure consists of a Board of Directors and an advisory board.  All team members were strategically chosen by the CEO to ensure a seamless transition from the design and development phase, to commercialization, and to marketing and sales. The team members will act as consultants to SealCath.  Please click on each team for detailed information about each member.