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The Perfect Rectal Seal

At SealCath, our double balloon catheter, the Cephus Catheter, achieves an optimal seal and improves the efficiency, efficacy, and productivity of various procedures in the medical arena.

The Cephus Catheter is the only FDA cleared double balloon colorectal catheter available for use. It is soft and very comfortable for patients as well as creating a leak-proof rectal seal required for various procedures. However, most importantly, it reduces the time of the procedure.

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About SealCath

More About SealCath

SealCath is a medical device company located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and founded in 2013. Our technology is unique and will be used in hospitals and outpatient clinical facilities across the country.

The vision of the company is to improve healthcare. We understand that medical devices are very important to improving healthcare for all patients. Therefore, we are providing an innovative product; the Cephus Catheter that will be a game changer for various procedures.

The Cephus Catheter is unique because:

  • It creates a leak-proof rectal seal
  • It prevents children from having unnecessary surgeries
  • It reduces the time to perform a rectal contrast CT scan
  • It reduces the use of linen due to less clean-up needed
  • It improves the efficiency of all applicable procedures
  • It improves colonic distention in less time during CT Colonography (virtual colonoscopy)

More About SealCath

What Makes Us Different

Veteran Owned Business | SealCath, LLC | Where Perfect Seals Are Created | Double Balloon Catheter


As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we have the opportunity to help VA hospitals and military establishments acquire medical products and improve healthcare for veterans and service members.
FDA Certified | SealCath, LLC | Where Perfect Seals Are Created | Double Balloon Catheter

FDA Cleared

The Cephus Catheter is FDA Cleared and can be used clinically.

Now Shipping to Canada

SealCath is selling to Canada and looking to partner with distributors to sell throughout Canada.
All distribution companies must have prior experience selling to the radiology profession.

Distributor Opportunity

We are looking for qualified distributors in the United States and Canada.

SealCath is looking to partner with distributors that have prior experience selling to the radiology profession. Our products are used in CAT scan, pediatric, and interventional radiology in some hospitals.

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